favourite places (holy sites on the climbing pilgrimage)
climbing diary (where I have been, what I have done)
countries list (the diary summarised)
notes and photos from recent trips:
PicasaWeb: Squamish climbing
PicasaWeb: UAE and Oman climbing
Ogawayama (Japan, 2006)
Grand Wall (Canada, 2005)
The Titan (USA, 2004)
Olhava (Finland, 2003)
Lofoten (Norway, 2002)
SoCalNevada (USA, 2001)
Utah Desert (USA, 2000)
La Digue (Seychelles, 1998)
my online guides:
UAE and Oman (sport climbing in camel-land)
French Pillar, Jebel Misht (the Middle East's grandest wall)
Inishturk (new routes on a remote Irish island)