31 July - 12 August 2000
trip around Norway including staying with the Mestad family in Bomlo,
driving to Lofoten via Geiranger, Romsdal and the Arctic Highway
cat with cod
family with net
anna with cod
geiranger fjord (very touristy but genuinely impressive)
leo with nature
troll wall (the most famous cliff in Norway)
trondheim (Trondheim has a similar feel to Bristol in the UK. we liked the Bakklandet area - bars, coffee houses - behind the warehouses in this picture)
arctic circle (its 500 miles of single lane highway plus a three hour ferry to Lofoten from Trondheim - the Arctic circle is after ~400 miles)
presten (the second most famous cliff in Norway and the most striking feature in the Lofoten islands)
sleeping leo and shoko
shoko and sky
climbing glamtinden (movie 1.3MB)
summit of glamtinden (the most accessible peak in the Lofoten - small at 420m but with a sharp summit - probably unsuitable for a 6mth old baby)
vagakallen and glamtinden from ferry
nature is closed?
The Postscript:
back to lofoten, august 2002 (climbing Presten)