Toby, Shoko and Leo tour Australia in February and March 2002.
South from Sydney
Shoko and Leo in Sydney
Toby climbing in the Blue Mountains (The route is 'These People are Sandwiches', 22 at Lower Shipley photos by Donald Gibson)
our Winnebago and driver
sunrise at Green Patch beach, Jervis Bay
family portrait, Green Patch beach
First Kangaroo or is it a wallaby?, Green Patch campsite
in Canberra
Puffing Billy is a steam train ride in the surprisingly wild Dandenong hills just beyond the Melbourne suburbs
Leo in Melbourne on the Yarra riverbank
Mt Arapiles and the Grampians
Arapiles from the plains
bouldering at Arapiles (The problem is 'Caving', V2?)
and again .... (on the classic 'Golden Streak', V3?)
escaping the heat in the Wimmera river
Don't touch the wildlife (Leo had a Jurassic Park moment when this 25cm stickleback 'stumpy' lizard tried to bite off one of his fingers)
Shoko and Leo completing the Pinnacle trail in the Grampians
climbing the classic Kachoong, 21 (The photographer failed to capture Toby's carefully posed one arm hang at the lip)
off Kachoong (Seattle climber Kelly in flight)
North to the Outback
clifftop sunset near Maclaren Vale, south of Adelaide
Shoko with Koala at the Gorge Wildlife Park, Adelaide Hills
walking on Lake Hart , close to the Stuart Highway between Adelaide and Alice Springs
dirt road into the Painted Desert , east of the Stuart Highway
breakfast 100km from anywhere in the Painted Desert
big red rock
don't do this, don't do that, take your photos here, walk exactly there
the steep chain and summit of Uluru
Around Cairns
rope swing, Emmagen Creek, Daintree rainforest
LEO's beach, Cape Tribulation coast
the nightmare world of strangler figs, Daintree and Tableland rainforests
First Crocodile, Cooper Creek, Daintree rainforest