Red Rock, Yellow Rock
Meanderings around California and Nevada in 2001.
prologue: the last days of the internet bubble, February 2001
loft for sale, Virgin Atlantic lounge at SFO, yuppies in a BMW, failed dot com
Red Rock, Yellow Rock, October 2001
Hacky: Dan, Kenton and Tufty at Red Rocks
welcome to Moominland, The Magician's lookout from the east, The Needles
the lookout from the west, The Needles
Tufty and Kenton finishing Airy Interlude, 5.10, The Needles
Tufty and Kenton just visible low on Spook Book, 5.10, The Needles
Dan attends to his stubble at the Keough Hot Spring, Bishop
the surprisingly moderate Sendero Luminosa, 5.10, Owen River Gorge, Bishop
$0 a night, Vegas
Dan leading the second pitch of Levitation 29, 5.11, Red Rocks
Dan leading the fifth, crux pitch of Levitation 29
Dan starting the 700' rappel off Levitation 29
locals at The Gallery, Red Rocks photos by John Zangwill
Sunday afternoon at Venice Beach, Los Angeles